We are a group of local residents, living in or around Ferry Road, Gulpher Road & Marsh Lane in Old Felixstowe. This is currently a pretty, quiet, rural setting, directly adjacent to an AONB (The river Deben estuary).  The council (SCDC) have recently changed the local structure plan such that prospective property developers are now being invited to submit planning applications for housing development on the fields bounded by these lanes.

We understand the need for more housing, and do accept that some housing development is necessary in and around Felixstowe.

However, we think that the scale and density of the applications received so far is totally inappropriate for this actual area. The scale and density is being driven by the council (SCDC) planning department, not by the developers.

So far, the council planning department have completely ignored and ridden roughshod over all the objections and suggestions raised by local residents. Even The Felixstowe town council voted to reject the first application – but this was also ignored by SCDC.

SCDC planners currently seem to be fully determined to completely destroy the current peaceful rural nature of this area. This is not an exaggeration.

We need your support to help make the SCDC planners more responsive to local residents. You can help us in two ways;

  1. Sign up to our mailing list – this is completely free – and you will receive regular updates on our activities via email
  2. Become a full member of our association. This costs just £10 per annum. This goes into our “fighting fund” which goes towards publicity and other running costs. This allows you to attend association meetings and gives voting rights.

We are organised as a legally compliant “unincorporated association”, with a written constitution, elected management committee, regular meetings for members (including an AGM) and published accounts.