How can I help ?

We need to make the council listen to local residents – currently they are not doing this. So there are some  things that you can do to help;

  1. Join our group – basic membership costs just £10 p.a. – this  covers admin costs e.g. running this  website, and helps us to top up our fighting fund – we have already mounted one legal challenge and foresee that further legal challenges will be required in the future, as this seems to be the only way that we can get the planners attention. Membership provides voting rights and admission to general meetings of our group.
  2. Join our mailing-list – to receive regular updates.
  3. Help us – by providing useful information and suggestions – we don’t claim to have all the answers!  Email us here

  4. Write to your local (Felixstowe town) Councillors telling them that you support our campaign- They can be very helpful to us, but will only be so if they believe that there is a strong groundswell of support for the campaign.

Mike Deacon:

Kimberly Williams:

Andy Smith:

Doreen Savage:

Steve Gallant:

Nick Barber:

Steve Wiles:

For a full list of the Members of the Felixstowe Town Council Planning and Environment Committee visit:

You may also wish to contact MP for Felixstowe – Therese Coffey:

5. Write to members of the East Suffolk Planning Committee – these are the people that actually vote to approve (or otherwise) planning applications. They DO have the power to reject inappropriate applications but they are mostly NOT from Felixstowe and hence do not necessarily understand the impact of poor applications;

Cllr. S.Burroughes   Peasonhall        

Cllr.R.Catchpole      Wenhaston     

Cllr.A.Cooper          Leiston    

Cllr.M.Deacon         Felixstowe

Cllr.D.Dean              Tower     

Cllr.A.Fryatt             Grunsdicburgh

Cllr.S.Harvey           Kirton     

Cllr.G.Holdcroft      Woodbridge

Cllr.D.McCallum     Kesgrave West

Cllr.M.Newton        Tower        

Cllr.I.Pratt               Leiston      

Cllr A.Smith            Felixstowe